What I wanted was a dog

LabradorRetriever_hero I had plans, plans for a dog.  A bandana wearing, Frisbee and ball fetching dog.  One to take walks with, or hikes even, to play with the niece and nephews, splash in the pool kind of dog.  I wanted a labrador retriever, color didn’t matter, just the perfect sweet fun buddy that labs can be.  Instead I ended up with cats. Two of them.

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On Adoption: Part Three – Opening the Pandora’s Box

Pandora's Box

please note that these comments, opinions and experiences are my own, your mileage may vary

for a bit about my credibility as someone who can rant about things like adoption see this post

Opening the Pandora’s Box

Of all the things in my life I am passionate about, adoptee rights never really occurred to me as being one of them. It turns out however that I am not just rabidly opinionated about it I am quite passionate about my rights as an adoptee (and yours too).

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On Adoption: Part Two – Things not to say to an adopted person

please note that these comments, opinions and experiences are my own, your mileage may vary

opinionThings not to say to an adopted person

1. Please don’t tell them to be grateful

All children should be grateful to their parents, not just adopted ones. They supported you financially and emotionally (hopefully) and you owe them a debt of gratitude, even God made it one of the big 10 (top 5 even so it must be important!). Why then would an adoptee (what adopted people call themselves) be singled out and told this?  Well the truth is it’s ignorance but the underlying message re-affirms the belief that adopted people are somehow flawed or broken, or at the least, less than. I should be grateful because my biological parents abandoned me and as something unwanted and unloved I should be grateful someone took me in and gave me a home?  Like I am some neighborhood stray?
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Sports,  an activity every nation supports. 


Every few days this last month my life has ground to a halt while I sat riveted to the television watching the Women’s World Cup. Sometimes as it was played, other times hours or a day after it took place (thank god for DVR).  I can’t recall any sporting event or match I was THIS enthralled with. Maybe it’s the 6 years I played competitive soccer or maybe it’s just never left me, it was just waiting for my goalkeeper’s heart to remember why I loved it so. 
I’m waiting for the Japan vs England match to start. Cheering on the Lionesses in this one!  Sunday I get to see my darling USA team battle for the win and I can’t wait!  I hope this increase in interest for women’s football grows. I’d love to hear more little girls say they want to be professional footballers or athletes!


Keith Herring - National Coming Out Day Poster

Causality (also referred to as causation[1]) is the relation between an event (the cause) and a second event (the effect), where the first event is understood to be responsible for the second. – Wikipedia

Watching the pictures roll in from my friends at Pride in San Franciso this weekend I felt a bit jealous that I wasn’t there with them taking part in the celebration. These friends, closer than family who I love dearly and have so much shared history with. Many nights of dancing and fun and other nights of profound sadness and long conversations.

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Owning our history


Yesterday I went off on a rant about Ben Affleck and about his (successful) attempt to rewrite his personal history on a TV show called Finding Your Roots. I was outraged, livid that someone with a little bit of power would choose to abuse it in such a way to omit the parts of his history.  I’m still annoyed and now of course with word of his actions getting out he looks like an even bigger jackass.

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Rewriting History

I vaguely remember the brouhaha when the emails surfaced but I quickly moved on as celebrity gossip barely interests me, but something about this article from The Week really bothered me.

Kudos (I guess) to PBS for owning up to letting some spoiled celebrity exert undue influence on them, but seriously Ben Affleck?  What kind of asshat isn’t man enough to step up and say, “these are my people and they made choices I disagree with but thank God we’ve learned the lessons of history”.   Or something.

Handcart Covered

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Inspired By Neighbors or The Great Greeting Card Debate

14189_GCA_Home_HeaderYesterday I stumbled across this wonderful post about why we don’t send greeting cards as often and how social media may be part of the reason why.  Never one to let a cultural question die, I evaluated my own personal stance (don’t laugh cause I totally have one) and commented.  I fear I may have come off a bit aggressive or at least kind of an anti-greeting card freak.  Please allow me to explain.

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