Gifts of my father

snowmanAs a child my dad would scoop me up in his his arms and throw me into the air before catching me. I learned that scary can sometimes be fun and that in the end he was always there with a safe place to land. Whether it was helping a teenager with a flat tire on the side of the road or newlyweds wanting to move back home to save money for their own house, dad was always there, he was the safe place where we were always welcome.

Some time around 9 years old my dad and I had a serious talk. He made it clear that he never wanted to hear of me starting a fight or picking on someone. Hitting someone in anger wasn’t how we did things. However, he made it very clear that if someone was picking on my little brother that all bets were off. He was fiercely proud of his family and I learned from him that we safeguard and protect them.

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On Adoption: Part Six – Why You Shouldn’t Adopt

image from Momtog

image from Momtog

A hell of a subject line, no? Let me explain.

Being a parent is hard. Sure it’s rewarding but it sucks too. Being the parent of an adopted child is even harder. I’m not saying it’s not worth it, I’m just reminding you that as tough as it was to realize you can’t have children and all the heartache and drama you went through with that, your adopted child needs a clean slate from all of your past baggage.They will require more patience and understanding than you were prepared for. Make sure you’re up to the task.

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Throwback Thursday

Super GirlToday’s throwback Thursday is my acknowledgement that I did not always appreciate (or understand) irony.

This is a picture of me a few days after rolling a go-kart sporting 2 black eyes I was incredibly proud of. I’m wearing a shirt that says “Super Girl”, completely missing the irony, I suspect it was not lost on my mother taking the picture.

Blogging Prompt : Favorite Mistake


In response to today’s Blogging 101 task. To pick a prompt and write about it.

Favorite Mistake Is there a mistake you’ve made that turned out to be a blessing — or otherwise changed your life for the better?

It was probably a mistake to defy my parents and work in a record store. Too bad for them it was a lifelong dream. My uncle used to take me to record stores in Pacific Beach during the summers. We’d listen to music and browse the albums for hours. What 9 year old can look through albums for hours? This one. I was born a music junkie and I’ll die a music junkie and in between I will love to thumb through records and spend nearly every waking moment of my life with music playing in the background. (FYI I am at this moment listening to Coin – Run)

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On Adoption: Part Five – Dating My Birth Mother


It took me almost a week to decide I was going to send her a message, but only about 20 minutes to figure out what to say. My subject line was cryptic, the month, year and city of my birth. I hoped it wouldn’t be deleted as spam that way. The message was simple,  “my apologies for intruding but I came across your name while searching for ‘birthmother’s maiden name‘ if this is you I’d very much like to speak to you if you are interested. If not,  sorry for the unsolicited message.”

Then I waited. The longest wait of my life.

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I blame the heat.


I blame the heat.

My go-to response when I need to find a cause for any of life’s problems during the summer months. Here are but a few of my recent complaints that I’ve attributed to the heat.

How can I feel this lazy it’s not even the middle of my work week?
How is it possible that coffee doesn’t sound appealing?
Where did the good beer go?
Ugh don’t touch me!

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I lost over 100 pounds this month!

trashbagsI know someone for a brief second thought it was some miracle diet.  Oh yeah right like that would happen.  Not on my watch sister! No we will just have to live with our bellies and curves the way nature intended.  What I got rid of this week was what nature NEVER intended, my conspicuous over-consumption, my tribute to consumerhood, the whole lot of crap piling up at my house.
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On Adoption: Part Four – The Quest for the Holy Grail

holy_grailThere is a proverb from Confucius that says  “Before you embark on a journey of revenge, first dig two graves”.  Clearly revenge isn’t the goal, but that proverb bounces around my head as I recall my search for my birth mother. I feel it’s really important to point out that you will be changed by your search.  The proverb feels like both a warning of being careful how you proceed and also knowing that the search and the results will alter everyone’s life forever.

Use caution.

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