Throwback Thursday

Super GirlToday’s throwback Thursday is my acknowledgement that I did not always appreciate (or understand) irony.

This is a picture of me a few days after rolling a go-kart sporting 2 black eyes I was incredibly proud of. I’m wearing a shirt that says “Super Girl”, completely missing the irony, I suspect it was not lost on my mother taking the picture.

Blogging Prompt : Favorite Mistake


In response to today’s Blogging 101 task. To pick a prompt and write about it.

Favorite Mistake Is there a mistake you’ve made that turned out to be a blessing — or otherwise changed your life for the better?

It was probably a mistake to defy my parents and work in a record store. Too bad for them it was a lifelong dream. My uncle used to take me to record stores in Pacific Beach during the summers. We’d listen to music and browse the albums for hours. What 9 year old can look through albums for hours? This one. I was born a music junkie and I’ll die a music junkie and in between I will love to thumb through records and spend nearly every waking moment of my life with music playing in the background. (FYI I am at this moment listening to Coin – Run)

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What I wanted was a dog

LabradorRetriever_hero I had plans, plans for a dog.  A bandana wearing, Frisbee and ball fetching dog.  One to take walks with, or hikes even, to play with the niece and nephews, splash in the pool kind of dog.  I wanted a labrador retriever, color didn’t matter, just the perfect sweet fun buddy that labs can be.  Instead I ended up with cats. Two of them.

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Fastest Swag in the West

I love that WordPress’s merch is here in Phoenix. My delivery was super fast!  I would also like to point out that these shirts are so SO lightweight and buttery soft I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to get a few other colors (oh and more stickers).

new WP swag

*squee* new WordPress swag!

omg omg omg  WordPress got new swag!

WordPress Pride Shirt

Hot off the presses and made right here in AZ more WordPress paraphernalia for me to buy and for my husband to say “they should just send you this stuff free for as much as you wear it”.  I am the proud owner of about 6 WordPress shirts and hoodies, not including my 3 WordCamp PHX, 1 WordCamp San Diego and 1 WordCamp San Francisco shirts, moleskine and coffee mugs not to mention stickers and buttons.  I’m a fangirl, I’ll own up to it.  These pride shirts are pretty awesome and in fun colors to boot.  Order placed.