Kelli Blogs. It’s almost painful how creative my title is! πŸ˜‰ In truth after wracking my brain for days this was the best I could come up with. The tag line is subject to change. I think originally it said “this space for rent”. For now it’s serving as a reminder to write.

I’m awful at self promotion and usually when forced to write about myself I write “here I am writing something clever about myself”. I thought I’d spare you that and instead rip off some Q&A’s from a 70’s teen magazine!

In best pop culture junkie form, I present to you my answers to 20 questions posed by Tiger Beat magazine to The Monkees.

1.How would your mother describe you in one word?


2. What is your favorite flower?
Irises or orchids

3. What is the most insane question you’ve ever been asked?

Will you marry me

4. If you could change your name, what would you change it to?
I don’t think I would, there’s so much involved and then I’d have to remember the new name and remind everyone to call me my new name. Unless I was changing my gender or going on the lam I think I’ll just stick with Kelli, it’s worked fine up to this point.

5. What word in the English Language do you wish you had invented?

Google. I can just close my eyes and imagine the monstrously large check I’d have received and my days spent on the beach without any worries, my financial future secured.

6. What is the first quote that comes to your mind?

“Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds” – Albert Einstein

7. What animal best describes the kind of girl you’d be interested in?
Tiger came to mind first, although choosing a deadly predator might not be the best option for something long term. Maybe this is one of those questions I should discuss with a therapist.

8. What do you miss about your childhood?
Not having to worry about anything, just enjoying the moment. Being surrounded by my family. I miss my grandparents, my great-grandmother, my uncle… all the people no longer here.

9. In what hour of the day do you function best?
I’m a morning person. Gimme coffee and I’m ready to go!

10. What is the main fault in your character?
No self control; are you going to eat that muffin?

11. If you met the right girl today, would you propose tomorrow?
I could propose we had lunch or meet for coffee. I’m pretty sure the husbandguy would object if I came home one day with a wife. Or not. I should ask him.

12. What was your favorite subject in school?

13. Where would you like to live?
Somewhere near both the mountains and the ocean. Someplace green, with seasons.

14. Describe how you kiss in one word

15. What in the world do you least desire?

16. Why do you think most girls date you?
because I’m fun, see also question 14

17. Who is your favorite historical figure?
I’m supposed to pick someone heroic aren’t I? Like Anne Frank or Gandhi, not someone controversial like John Lennon or JFK. I should certainly not mention that I find really monstrously evil people fascinating like Hitler or Jack the Ripper. Let’s go with Amelia Earhart or FDR. On second thought I’ll choose my great grandmother who had a difficult life but never lost her thirst for adventure and fun,

18. How many times have you fallen in love?
many times

19. What are your favorite names?
Sweetheart, darling, even babe is fine if coming from someone I love.

20. Finish this sentence. “Happiness is a thing called……

Enjoy the blog, I hope you find it amusing, infuriating or at least not a complete waste of the time you spent reading it.


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  1. haha, love it. One of the best ‘about me’ pages I’ve read. I like the response to where would you like to live – somewhere with seasons. I know the feeling, winter all year round gets boring here in the North West of the UK.

  2. Ok, yeah, you’re on. I could do with some desert weather. It’s June, supposed to be summer and it’s been just 13 degrees all week. Still wearing jumpers and vest tops (underneath my jumper) πŸ™‚

  3. Winter, has just arrived in Africa. It is 2 months late and not as cold or wet as usual. Down hear 8 C is classified as mid winter. πŸ™‚ But we do have seasons. Let me see, there is summer, summer, summer and a rather mild winter for a few weeks.

  4. Ha, it was 8 C here last Monday, I know cos I went to the hairdressers, looked at the temperature on the dashboard and thought wit woo 1 June 8 degrees, hello summer πŸ™ gorgeous day today tho and a searing 14 degrees.

  5. oh, you’re making me jealous with all this nice weather. It is currently 91F or 23.7C with about 40% humidity (thank you tropical storms).

  6. (smiling) very enjoyable about me blog that kept me reading right to the end…not to mention keeping me curious about your blog. Cheers Heid.
    …and just cos we’re on a roll about the weather…Melbourne, Australia where I am currently planted is known for having 4 seasons in one day! Layering clothing is our favorite past time πŸ™‚

  7. Fabulous!! I’m a fellow blogging101 blogger, and I am inspired by your awesome About! You have a creative mind!! Love the teen pop culture quiz… maybe I’ll steal the idea someday!!!

  8. “She…she told me that she loved me and like a fool I believed her from the start.” The Monkees! Kelli, I thoroughly enjoyed your Q&A “about.” It is obvious that you have a great sense of humor and are able to laugh at yourself. (I mean that in the healthiest way possible.)

  9. thanks! glad you liked it, you have no idea how long I spent trying to find “questions asked by teen magazines” in Google. I know more about OneDimension than I ever needed to know.

  10. I love your tag line… I think it is funny and honest, a perfect truth: “Kelli Blogs just not as often as she thinks she should.” I know that’s true of me and thousands, if not tens of thousands of other bloggers.

    And as for your blog title being painfully creative (Kelli states sarcastically) again, I think it’s delightful. It may seem too simple in your mind but to me, I thought, wow, this lady is really smart and clever (because I was enjoying the honesty of the title-tag combination at work. We all try so hard, sometimes too hard to be creative and it just comes across to me as though it slipped off the tip of your tongue perfectly smooth and easy (though I understand that you spent as much time as the rest of us.)

    Question #3, again a perfect answer… that truly is insane! And yet it has been asked and answered for thousands of years an will continue to be for as long as we walk this earth.

    #4, me too!

    #7 made me laugh out loud… and while I am talking about your questions I should state that I love that you ripped these questions off of Beat Magazine I think that was a unique and clever idea.

    Again, I am calling you clever, so I’ll stop now. Just consider me a BIG fan, just from reading your About page I am ready to follow you anywhere. Good luck with the adoption process!


  11. Thank You for your kind words! thank god the relative anonymity of the internet allows me to blush and stammer without you being any the wiser! I hope to never make you feel like you wasted valuable minutes of your life reading what I write. =] Have a great weekend!

  12. Thank you for your kind nomination! I apologize I didn’t see this sooner. It’s most kind of you to consider me, but I’m not sure I have the kind of depth of content needed to really do the Sisterhood justice. Thank you for considering me though!

  13. Thank you for your kind nomination. I apologize it looks like I missed a couple of dozen comment notifications in the last month. I appreciate the nomination very much!

  14. Go for it! I “liberated” it myself πŸ˜‰ if you find a better set of questions online let me know! I’d love to do a ridiculous part 2. I just felt a bit queasy after looking at page after page of teen idols.

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  16. I answered a comment you posted on my blog, so I wandered over to read YOURS. Glad I did, but did you know there’s no ‘follow’ button anywhere…I guess I’ll just have to keep an eye open for your posts instead. πŸ™‚ And “Q” (from your introductory post)…I had to look THAT one up.

  17. Thank you so much for thinking of me! I have decided after much thought to be award free in the hope that the inspiration and recognition these awards provide help other bloggers!

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  19. Hahaha, great about and great tag! It took me a second to get it, but when I did, I honestly laughed out loud, haha. Will definitely be checking you out~

  20. I do! I’m not sure which picture exactly it is you’re referring to. One of the options of this WP theme is it cycles through about 12 headers from photos I’ve taken πŸ™‚ so I’ll just say thanks collectively πŸ˜€

  21. Kelli, I just finished reading your posts on adoption. I am a grandmother of a little girl who is going to be adopted by her Uncle and Aunt. This is my oldest son. My youngest son is her father. A very complicated situation emotionally for everyone. Your writing about your experiences has given me some insight and perspective. I am afraid, though, the insight has made me more confused than ever.

  22. It’s a complicated and emotional subject for sure. My best suggestion is to get everyone involved in a couple of family counseling sessions. To help everyone get on the same page and maybe help diffuse any potential problems.

    An in-family is a whole other dimension than my experience. I know there are some wonderful support groups and therapists out there.

  23. I’ll write on the reply space to say I really enjoyed your about. Answering those questions was concise, informative, fun, and original. I’ m finding your “folllow” button.

  24. Sadly my phone isn’t letting me comment, so I’ll have to say how much I love your photos here (and then comment for real later). I used to live in both Michigan and Nevada πŸ™‚ wonderful memories

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