Friday Fun – Dance Your Ass Off (Technology Inspired)

Last Wednesday my computer died, as in, no monitor life… I replaced the video card only to find the issue was the motherboard. She was dead. So, I ordered a new one (one I was a little excited for, cause I’ve been a fan for years). I got an Alienware.  In honor of my computer fun, I give you this week’s theme.  Technology.

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5 thoughts on “Friday Fun – Dance Your Ass Off (Technology Inspired)

  1. Just playing around with you, Kelli. But it is quite different from Perry Como or the Chuck Wagon Gang. I enjoy checking in with you. I feel welcome here. Different but welcome. A high five – or is that a thing of the past also? I was just barely catching up to that! But I do know how to write in this little box and push the comment button! How technologically brilliant is that?

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