Friday Fun – Dance Your Ass Off (post breakup edition)

Yesterday for Writing 101 we were charged with writing a letter. It came at a perfect moment as I had just found a letter to me from my ex. It inspired a very raw (and thankfully short) blog post. It had me in a bit of a funk, then prepping for today’s DYAO feature it gave me a theme. So today, the Dance Your Ass Off feature is dedicated to those songs who help you get off the couch/bed/floor, get past your heartache and break up and start to live again.

more after the break

and every time I watch that video I have the overwhelming urge to learn that dance and dance along

6 thoughts on “Friday Fun – Dance Your Ass Off (post breakup edition)

  1. Awesome! You know how Pink grew up in Doylestown, PA? That’s the town my books are set in! And I live half an hour from there! Now if I could just get Pink to promote my books… Great DYAO Friday! Erasure!!!!!

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