Writing 101 Daily Prompt – Uncertainty

I found the list of topics for today’s assignment daunting. Nothing was really resonating with me, and then I opened Facebook this morning and found an update from an old friend.

“I’ve been mulling over my thoughts in silence the last couple of hours, trying to nail down my feelings. Shame? Embarrassment? Humiliation? Then it hit me: anger. Pure anger. No one who works a full time job should have to go to the food bank to feed their family. What is wrong with this country?”

This week my friend had to decide between laundry soap or fruit. She owns no car, has no cable TV, has good credit, rents her house and is struggling to raise her high school aged son. She works full time at a university bookstore, doesn’t drink or smoke, doesn’t use drugs… and yet she struggles to survive.

In the U.S. we are at the start of what will no doubt be a very long election cycle. Later today I plan on sending a portion of my friend’s post in identical letters to our candidates, asking how exactly they can help. My friend is not alone, she’s one of the millions of working poor in this country, where basic needs aren’t being met, where their lives and future is uncertain. And I want to know what our presidential candidates are going to do about it.

18 thoughts on “Writing 101 Daily Prompt – Uncertainty

  1. Well done for writing this honest, angry post. It’s clear and concise, and highlights a disgusting truth. I live in the Uk, where things are similar, but not quite so bad… yet.

  2. I am also taking Writing 101, which is how I found this post. I also live in the US, and I completely agree. There are so many people who have to work multiple jobs in order to make ends meet, and it’s not right. I recently heard that McDonalds has a “budgeting” thing they give their employees, but the recommended budget includes income from a second job. I really appreciate this post, it’s honest. Thanks for sharing!

  3. In India we don’t even have food banks. And everyday millions of people (some as young as 12) go to work in the hopes of getting one meal. And our politicians use these unfortunate people as their vote bank and make sure their situation doesn’t improve. No amount of anger helps these poor souls… A few angels who feed and support them are their only hope.

  4. A post straight from the heart, it’s awful that some people seem to be so rich that they don’t even know what crazy things to do with their money yet, while others have to chose between fruit and laundry soap..

  5. Amen to that! The situation is getting ridiculous; in this country it shouldn’t be so hard to just survive, but alas, it is. Great post, I completely agree!

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