Writing 101 – Make a list

It started with Pink Floyd. I would find myself explaining that I’m somehow missing the genetic marker to enjoy them the way others do. That it’s not for lack of trying, or failure to appreciate their musicianship, but simply a genetic defect. I have found over the years a few other things that many of my friends or lovers simply adored that I just didn’t ‘get’ the way I should. I present to you my list of genetic defects, those missing bits of DNA that I should otherwise possess but sadly do not so I am unable to appreciate the following as I wish I could.

1) Pink Floyd. I’ve tried for decades, I can like a few songs and appreciate them in the abstract, but there will never be a time when it will occur to me to listen to them on my own.

2) Raw Tomatoes. I’ll eat them in nearly any form cooked, or diced into small pieces but a sliced tomato is a slimy, vile, repugnant thing.

3) Classic Star Trek. As a sci-fi geek it pains me to say this but I find the original Star Trek unwatchable. I can appreciate how revolutionary it was, how it invented the genre, how much we owe to it, but it’s just campy and uninteresting to me.

4) The Wizard of Oz. Making a child watch this is child abuse, and given the reaction I received to my Wicked Word Wednesday post about the word ‘wicked’ I am not alone.

5) First person shooter games. I’m a gamer. I play MMO’s and before that I played a lot of Nintendo/Sega Genesis and before that I was an arcade game fiend, but I just can’t get into first person shooters. I’m that hardcore raider who fills out your weekly raid group and knows my stuff, but get me in Halo or Call of Duty and I’m the idiot walking face first into the wall, or grenade or shooting my own player. My nephews love it, they get to pwn the adult. I am an embarrassment.

6) Wine. I’m into my 40’s now with a little bit of expendable income, I’m supposed to like wine. I have no allergy, I like the occasional drink, so what gives?! I just never developed a taste for it. I couldn’t tell the difference between wine from a box and wine from a $90 bottle. I am the swine you lay your pearl wine before.

7) Reality TV. It seems everyone I know or meet has at least one reality TV show they follow. Whether it’s some form of competition or a voyeuristic show about B celebrities or antiques roadshow. I just can’t get into it.

44 thoughts on “Writing 101 – Make a list

  1. I’m with you on most of your list, though I’d swap out tomatoes for all forms of eggplant. I’m wondering how long the average list would be. Some people seem much more tolerant than others.

  2. I suppose people like them because you get to be a voyeur without being considered creepy. (never understood them myself) I daresay it’s the plight of this age of surveillance!

  3. I really enjoyed your list (and it seems like i’m a part of the majority!). Made me laugh out loud at the wine bit. I drink wine fairly regularly but I can’t taste the difference between a 10 dollar one and a 80 dollar one even on the first glass. I feel like it’s a good thing for me though. It seems like a money pit to a lot of people.

    oh and on #5, i take it that you’ve played wow?

  4. an old roommate of mine used to call reality TV ‘The Running Man on TV’ referencing the Stephen King story, the modern day Roman Colosseum spectacle. It’s always struck me as rather prophetic since at the time reality TV was in it’s infancy.

  5. I thank god that I am too old to have grown up with all this technology. Some parts of childhood and the teenage years don’t need to be saved for posterity!

  6. it’s like a whole other language for people! if you don’t speak it all you’ll get is blank stares. I used to play Asheron’s Call a million years ago and when your character died, you’d need to go back and loot the things left on your body, or risk losing them. Sometimes dark armor was hard to find in a dungeon. While shopping with a non-gamer friend once, she was trying on a very brightly colored dress and asked me what I thought of it. My reply was “well you’ll have no trouble finding your corpse”. The dressing rooms went silent as every head suddenly turned to look at me. 😐

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  8. I’d ask you to prepare for the Floyd hate mails you’re gonna get… But I think you’re Comfortably Numb on that front already so I’ll just leave it be.

  9. lol! I see what you did there!

    I don’t hate them, far from it. I actually saw them on the ‘Division Bell’ tour. I’ve seen laser light shows, you name it. I find them enjoyable enough but I just don’t seem to appreciate them as passionately as others do. *cringe*

  10. tried. : no measurable change in appreciation, even tried that whole Dark Side of the Moon / Wizard of Oz thing. All it did was freak me out. hahaha

  11. I’m with you on Star Trek. I’ve never seen the movie nor have I seen the original Star Wars movies. I would however be happy to help you learn to like wine. More for me if you can’t get ‘er down.

  12. Love this! My husband and I have our own list of things that people love – – and we just can’t get into. Since its autumn, the one that comes to mind right now is pumpkin spice anything! People rave about that stuff and we just can’t stand it! I might just have to “borrow” your idea for a post of my own. πŸ˜‰

  13. help yourself! I like pumpkin pie and pumpkin bread but that’s where the line is crossed. I don’t want to drink anything pumpkin flavored 😐

  14. Well I found that an enjoyable list, I am an odd one though. I too would have to make myself watch original star trek, it is distracting Christmas tree type blinking going on everywhere. Ah well, and yep I just smack right into the wall on those games too. However, (2) if they are Tomato from My Garden oh yeah I will eat them in a sandwich even, and that is only since growing our own πŸ˜‰

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