Day 7: Keep Personalizing

wasting_timeUnless you are using personalization and “tweaking” as a means to keep yourself busy and delude yourself into thinking you are making content for your blog when you are actually just rearranging the chairs in your closed restaurant.

Stop fiddling and start writing.

Mainly the above was said for my benefit, but if you think you may be guilty then by all means I hope it kicks you in the pants. My friend Mart likes to remind me the only thing that makes you a writer is writing. Put your ass in a chair and write.

I think I was lucky to stumble onto this theme and then realize that I could take some of my favorite pictures and use them as headers and suddenly this pre-fab theme became mine. I’m wary of widgets because they can sometimes really distract from the writing and I don’t want to do that. However, if anyone has a suggestion of how to make the site more easily navigated or include some feature you’d like to see, I’m all for that and willing to explore adding new ways to increase functionality.

12 thoughts on “Day 7: Keep Personalizing

  1. Totally went through this same realization yesterday. I got the email and thought to myself, “I’ve honestly spent more time than I should have customizing and perfecting my ideal theme… why would I waste time on doing it some more??” so alas here we are.

  2. You are spot on. I do the same thing. I like my theme to go along with my thoughts, however, I am still finding my way around in my theme. Sometimes it helps to fiddle with my theme because I get an inspiration to write.

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