Friday Feature – Dance Your Ass Off

As a child I always liked The Jackson Five, but I never really thought much about Michael Jackson until Blame it on the Boogie and then the next year when ‘Off The Wall’ came out I was mesmerized. He was an incredible talent.

Today’s edition of Dance Your Ass Off is a triple header of some early Michael Jackson. Enjoy!

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6 thoughts on “Friday Feature – Dance Your Ass Off

  1. I became weirdly obsessed with Michael Jackson immediately after he died. Like, I bought all of his CDs and played them NONSTOP. My parents hated me. But I got to really bond with my gramma. Hahhah

  2. I enjoyed watching these videos. You know I have not watched Jackson much but heard a lot about him. I feel he had not developed his Moonwalking by that time. Do you know when he came up with the sequence?

    Cheers 🙂

  3. Few years before these songs…oh..then it’s awfully stupid of me to expect Moonwalking in every Jackson video…lol 😀 Thanks Kelli!

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