I blame the heat.


I blame the heat.

My go-to response when I need to find a cause for any of life’s problems during the summer months. Here are but a few of my recent complaints that I’ve attributed to the heat.

How can I feel this lazy it’s not even the middle of my work week?
How is it possible that coffee doesn’t sound appealing?
Where did the good beer go?
Ugh don’t touch me!

Saugatuck Harbor

Saugatuck by Ted Swoboda

Things were different in the Midwest. During the summer it would be suffocatingly hot, like trying to breathe through a wet tube sock, but at night, the temperature would drop and we could be free! Evenings spent outside were glorious, idyllic little snapshots of heaven.

And then we moved back to Arizona.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love being this close to my family (after typing that I had to take a beat and check to make sure that was true, yeah it’s pretty true). I love being this close to California and the Pacific Ocean. The desert can be quite lovely but in the summer, in Arizona, it’s mostly just miserable. Months of 105+ degree weather, plants dormant to conserve water, everything looks dead, and then night comes and with it the monsoons. If you’ve never seen a monsoon in Arizona it looks like this:

Arizona Haboob

Mike Olbinski Photography

In case you’re not sure what you’re looking at, that my friends is a wall of dust, we call that a ‘haboob’. During the summer months in Arizona the heat is only part of the adventure, the other is the rain and humidity (from the rain that burns up in the atmosphere above the ground because it’s that hot) and the winds that bring a wall of dust to blanket the city. It can turn visibility to nil very quickly. If you come to Arizona, don’t expect relief from the heat at night. It’s not uncommon for a daytime temperature to be 115 and at night in the 90’s.

I cannot wait for winter. Winter may be coming, but not fast enough for me!

10 thoughts on “I blame the heat.

  1. Well I can relate, sort of. Grew up Midwest, spent decade in Ga then decade in Tx, nearly 1/2 decade and counting back in Ga. Which all means I am happy to be back where it Cools off at night. That Arizona stuff is worse than Tx ever was……Good Luck may winter come to you soon

  2. 64 degrees here in the UK, or at least in my cloud ridden corner anyway. The usual jokes are doing the annual rounds of Facebook. “Summer failed to install, summer not available in your country please try Spain” Or a picture of a skeleton stood peering out the window encaptioned “waiting for summer”. Its too depressing for words really, had one BBQ inside 3 years 🙁 My factor 30 sun cream is about 10 years old and still plenty left! Even so your temperatures sound unbearable.

  3. Dang. I’m from the northeast… now while I hate that it’s basically a freezing cold winter 70% of the year, I can’t even imagine it ever getting THAT hot! I hope you have a pool!!!!

  4. I’ve often thought about moving somewhere rainy and overcast. I love the rain. I worry though I’d get depressed with little sun. I do so like that radiating warm yellow ball in the sky

  5. My folks do but when it’s this hot it’s like a bathtub. Hahaha. Mostly we just do outside activities early in the morning when it’s still cool (90s) and the sun isn’t as intense.

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