I lost over 100 pounds this month!

trashbagsI know someone for a brief second thought it was some miracle diet.  Oh yeah right like that would happen.  Not on my watch sister! No we will just have to live with our bellies and curves the way nature intended.  What I got rid of this week was what nature NEVER intended, my conspicuous over-consumption, my tribute to consumerhood, the whole lot of crap piling up at my house.

My house seemed to be littered with things I bought, then bought again.  Such as the mediocre crock pot I bought then decided I needed a good crock pot, then decided I needed a better crock pot. Ditto coffee makers. It all added up.  So over the last few weeks I’ve made it my goal to get just ONE trash bag a week together of stuff to donate.  What I ended up with the first week was 14 bags of clothes and linens.  Thankfully the husbandguy has outgrown some of his most offensive 90’s fashion so he was willing to part with them finally. I’d also convinced him that while he was absolutely right that the towels “had plenty of wear left in them” that 10 years were enough and they would now be happily used by someone else’s family.

I didn’t expect the enormous sense of satisfaction I have in seeing our closets thinned and my kitchen racks organized, but man it sure feels good. I even found out that Goodwill in Arizona takes used computers and accessories (hear that 30lb monstrosity CRT Monitors in the garage? We’re coming for you!). Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not some freakish compulsive organizer (although if you saw my Pinterest boards you’d know I have fantasies about having my world organized), but a little bit here and there feels damn good.

Speaking of Pinterest there’s this crazy woman who has some kind of 91 day home organizing challenge. So I took a look.  91 days and each freaking day is a different area  of your house.  Like I have the energy or desire to spend 91 days in a row organizing every inch of my house.  That’s not a challenge, that’s a prison sentence of hard labor!  I wish her and those who take it luck, you may need it.  For me, I’m just glad to take a carload of crap a month to Goodwill and hope it serves someone else well. It’s sure made me feel good.


17 thoughts on “I lost over 100 pounds this month!

  1. Haha I really enjoyed this post! I just went through my closet and donated a bunch of clothes I no longer wear or else no longer fit into. (Yay for embracing curves and bellies!) I need to do this a few more times to really make a difference, but it does feel good to shed some of the things just cluttering up! Way to go! 🙂

  2. I have been doing the same. Working on a different part of my room at a time and donating things I don’t use anymore. It feels so good when you see the progress. Each time I do it I find more things I don’t need.

  3. I went through one chest of drawers last week doing something similar and I’m still getting over the trauma – why do I hang on to all this stuff?

  4. See now this is the type of content that made me decide to put you on my list of blogs that I followed! You are witty and clever and absolutely hilarious! You’re writing style is what I attempt to do but probably only half way manage to accomplish. Great job on all the donations! I’m still in the middle of unpacking, but I do have an old triple dresser and chest of drawers that I want to get donated (or sold to some crafty Marine wives on base). I wish I could haul those suckers myself!

    <3 and harp strings,

  5. aww! you’re too kind. I have always both admired and pitied my family in the military for all the times they had to move 🙁 but they seem to turn it into a new adventure so they have my deepest respect! Good luck on the unpacking!

  6. I still don’t think I quite understand the life I just married into lol But thanks! 🙂 And ugh yeah… those boxes aren’t going to unpack themselves, are they? Probably not. Dammit…

  7. and who knows where they’d unpack your things to! I have no doubt if I was a wizard (a la Harry Potter) I’d wave my wand and end up with my silverware in my underwear drawer and my underwear on a shelf in the pantry.

  8. Oh gosh, that would happen to me every time. I loved Harry Potter but it’s probably best that an owl lost my invitation in the mail because Murphy’s Law follows me around like a plague and goodness knows the disasters I would cause at Hogwarts let alone my own home!

  9. I thought your post was about some sort of miracle diet too! Until I saw the bin bags and laughed aloud at it (may have woken up my sleeping mother…) Well done on sorting through your house and giving it a good clean out!

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  11. i just cleaned out my guest room. Well, it’s only a guest room when people are here. Every other time it’s my junk room. The problem is, there’s so much junk in it every time a guest comes it takes us three days to clean it. Maybe this time will be different. Maybe.

  12. *said in best Monty Python voice* oh we used to dream of a guest room!

    Currently we have the “storage” room which is what would be in our basement if Arizona had basements. My office serves as my storage room too. Ugh. Too much stuff!

  13. I get in moods and start going through drawers and closets. It’s amazing how stuff piles up that you don’t use or haven’t used in a long time. My closet rule is after 2 years and I haven’t worn it, it’s time for Goodwill.

  14. I am so impressed with this. When I start cleaning something I go one of two ways, I either get distracted by what I find or I go like mega clean mode where I become this extreme ruthless person… the second one doesn’t come out that often.

  15. Upcoming multi state yard sale, not sure how many pounds as I have auction stuff to Put Out too 😀 then donate the rest. If it doesn’t sell it will go to salvation army here. That store had a Plow for sale this summer? wild

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