Sports,  an activity every nation supports. 

Every few days this last month my life has ground to a halt while I sat riveted to the television watching the Women’s World Cup. Sometimes as it was played, other times hours or a day after it took place (thank god for DVR).  I can’t recall any sporting event or match I was THIS enthralled with. Maybe it’s the 6 years I played competitive soccer or maybe it’s just never left me, it was just waiting for my goalkeeper’s heart to remember why I loved it so.

I’m waiting for the Japan vs England match to start as I write this. Cheering for the Lionesses in this one!  Sunday I get to see my darling USA team battle for the win and I can’t wait!  I hope this increase in interest for women’s football grows. I’d love to hear more little girls say they want to be professional footballers or athletes!