Blogging 201 – Day 8 – making my blog a hub


Welcome to my hub. Because I am a computer geek, the word hub made me think of… well a hub.  This hub is a beautiful 4 port hub from ThinkGeek which is sadly no longer available, which is a total shame because it would look great on my desk. It would go well with the tardis shower curtain I am using as a screen to hide my closet after I removed the doors and added Ikea shelving.

I digress.

Today’s Blogging 201 assignment is to: create a page or section on your blog to display links to your online presence elsewhere, and make sure your other presences reflect the brand you’re developing on your blog.


The notion of this kinda freaked me out.  Like many of my fellow bloggers I have a few sites, each with it’s own emphasis. This is the one where I shoot my mouth off about whatever I like. The place where a FaceBook status isn’t enough to do it justice, and with all my family, coworkers and friends old and new there it’s sure to annoy or offend someone. Then it hit me, why do I care?  Isn’t the point of a blog your chance to speak your mind, I mean this whole ego-stroking mental masturbation exercise that IS blogging sort of takes the “but what will aunt Kathy think” from the equation. If aunt Kathy wants to be offended, let her. On the off chance I’ll see her at Thanksgiving she can give me the cold shoulder and spare me her 2 hour tales of woe.

So, in order to kill independent George completely, I am colliding worlds and adding at the top of this blog 2 new links.  One to my music page where I talk about music I’m listening to or I create YouTube playlists to enjoy. The name of the page is  The other page added to the navigation up top is a cooking page I started and then left out in the sun too long and like potato salad it got a bit “off” and I had to toss it. I’ve since re-vamped the site and finally figured out the damn recipe plugin so it looks almost like a REAL food blogger site. Now I just need to work on the photography and add more recipes.  The site is cleverly named Kelli

Knock yourself out!

P.S.  Sorry aunt Kathy.

12 thoughts on “Blogging 201 – Day 8 – making my blog a hub

  1. Absolutely! it really is a perfect follow up for blogging 101, it helps you refine your site and helps fine tune your blog.

  2. I too am doing blogging 201! I now follow you on Twitter as part of my social media ‘strategy’! I quite want a Tardis wardrobe.

  3. I am enjoying your 201 posts too 😀 When I decided I might someday sell things online, the whole People finding me I dealt with. It doesn’t matter if aunt whoever gets mad. Someday she might find my stuff and buy it all!!!

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