Women’s World Cup Champions

Today in New York City, the first time a women’s sports team has been honored with a ticker-tape parade.


I’m so proud of our team and their victory. More than just the U.S. taking home the trophy, this Women’s Cup has proved that people DO like to watch women’s sports. Congratulations to all the teams that played and inspired their nations and the world, from the fierce competitors who are always in the top 5 to teams that came in and shocked the world with their heart and great game (Colombia).  I hope for each game viewed there’s a handful of young girls who take up the mantle and become the next generation of football/soccer players.

I am so proud to have watched the games, to know the names, to feel like I participated in my own way.  Kudos to you ladies.  You play and ROCK hard!  You know I’d have to include this song. 😉