Sports,  an activity every nation supports. 

Every few days this last month my life has ground to a halt while I sat riveted to the television watching the Women’s World Cup. Sometimes as it was played, other times hours or a day after it took place (thank god for DVR).  I can’t recall any sporting event or match I was THIS enthralled with. Maybe it’s the 6 years I played competitive soccer or maybe it’s just never left me, it was just waiting for my goalkeeper’s heart to remember why I loved it so.

I’m waiting for the Japan vs England match to start as I write this. Cheering for the Lionesses in this one!  Sunday I get to see my darling USA team battle for the win and I can’t wait!  I hope this increase in interest for women’s football grows. I’d love to hear more little girls say they want to be professional footballers or athletes!

One thought on “Sports,  an activity every nation supports. 

  1. As someone with no athletic skill whatsoever, I particularly envy those who have an opportunity to take part in competitive sports. It’s true what they, there are valuable life lessons to be learned there. I hope opportunities for girls & women increase and fan appreciation follows. Thank you for this post in support of that!

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