Target acquisition. Target locked.

Because my initial day 4 post, ‘finding your target audience’ sort of devolved into me rambling about Mr. Rogers, I figured I’d make a second post *gasp* on the subject.generation-x

Ideally my target group has a sense of humor or can at least identify humor when it’s presented, much like sarcasm. If you cannot understand sarcasm (like my youngest brother) you will probably not appreciate anything I write.  I don’t think age or cultural reference point is very important, but you will need to realize that I have a pretty fixed point of reference.  I love to see and hear the world from someone else’s perspective, but mine is fairly set.

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Prettying up the joint

Days Six and Seven of the Blogging 101 course were sort of completed earlier when I was fleshing out the site a bit and adding a more thorough ‘About’ page than the one that said simply “here I am saying something clever about myself”.   For day Seven’s challenge I added a few more header images from photographs I’ve taken and set the theme to randomly use them.  That should break up the monotony!

on kindness

kindnessI love it when synchrony happens, I generally take that as some kind of ‘sign’ to pay attention. Sure the world is full of chaos but I believe there is an order to the chaos. The force behind the order I’m less certain of (religious folks can assume it’s God and that’s fine but for me… I’ll just accept there is a pattern).

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I LOVED Mr. Rogers!

Day 3 of blogging 101 and it’s time to meet the neighbors (or neighbours for you non-US folks).

Firstly, I have to say how much I’ve enjoyed getting to know this group through your posts and your comments.  I really appreciate how supportive this little community is, and I’m frankly a little embarrassed by how fast my attitude has changed from “I’m just writing this blog for myself” to “omg comments!  weeee!  I LOOOOVE comments!”.  I swear to blog I’ll not attention whore myself… much. Writers do love feedback though and I really am trying to make more of an effort to comment (and reply). My problem is I’m a lurker.  There, I’ve said it.

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What’s in a name?

What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet

I’m almost embarrassed to say I own over 20 domain names, all of them started with some great idea for a blog or website which eventually lost steam. All of them started as some clever idea, something I found appealing, few of them have turned into anything more than parked domains. Ask any marketing guru and they’ll tell you your domain name is but one part of the marketing juggernaut that helps to sell YOU, your brand.

How do you ‘brand’ yourself? 

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First Day Introductions

I never recall having to make them in grade school but somehow when I got to college I found myself having to give a short spiel about who I am to classmates. I loathe the elevator introductions. My urge is to quickly rattle off some inane factoids about myself that rival the Dos Equis ‘World’s Most Interesting Man’ commercials, or to overshare and spend the semester as “that girl”.

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