Friday Fun – Dance Your Ass Off

Thanks to blogging 101 I’ve finally found the fun thing I’m going to feature. I’m going to start posting a Friday Feature… and make the feature a song to get you out of your desk chair and on your feet.

Let your freak flag fly with my Friday dance your ass off song.  One Nation Under A Groove  by Funkadelic

7 thoughts on “Friday Fun – Dance Your Ass Off

  1. I don’t even have to listen to the video. I have the vinyl album in my wardrobe, it’s been there since I was 17 years old. Was my absolute favourite ever dance hit of the time in my boogying days long past.

  2. Whoop I’m all for getting out of the chair and dancing……although I’m more of a “soft” metal – Quo, Iron Maiden, Slade (yes ever so slightly glam but the 70s through 80s was very confusing) so I look forward to your Friday music fix and if you do requests – Run to the Hills please.

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