Prompted (although not so promptly published) Post

Today’s challenge for Blogging 101 is to blog from a prompt.  Mine was “Bittersweet Memories” and the prompt was to talk about a gift I received that made me nostalgic and why.

My most treasured gift came from my aunt Shelley.  It was a wedding gift.  My aunt sent me a keepsake recipe book, filled with old pictures and copies of the index cards my grandmother kept her recipes on.  I keep it with all recipeof my other cherished family memories, the recipes copied onto my own index cards or copied so the book stays pristine. There were so many wonderful family pictures, interspersed with some of our family’s favorite recipes.  Grandma Jean’s ‘to die for’ dinner rolls and her amazing Swiss steak and including homemade chili sauce. This cookbook had them all.  One day I’ll even make her homemade pickles (even though I’m not a pickle fan).

I’ve always admired crafty people.  I stopped being crafty around the time of macaroni and yarn glued to cardboard. I have crafty aspirations, but can’t manage it.  The love and care in the assembly of the book means so much to me.  Beyond just the sentimental feelings of the pictures and recipes but knowing the hours it took her to create it for me left me feeling so touched by her kindness and love.

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  1. What an amazing keepsake! I feel like the family cook book is almost like a right of passage. When I *finally* got my hands on my grandmothers cookie recipes, I felt like such an adulty adult!

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