First Day Introductions

I never recall having to make them in grade school but somehow when I got to college I found myself having to give a short spiel about who I am to classmates. I loathe the elevator introductions. My urge is to quickly rattle off some inane factoids about myself that rival the Dos Equis ‘World’s Most Interesting Man’ commercials, or to overshare and spend the semester as “that girl”.

In truth I’m here to learn, it’s just that simple.  Improve what I do know, learn what I don’t and hopefully get back into the habit of writing. Writing is more about habit than skill, you can be insightful and witty and clever in your head but until you get off your lazy ass and write it down, you’re no writer.  My friend Mart, who is an actual novelist, has tried, oh lord how she’s tried, to convey that to me,  I still struggle.  Looking at a white page is  intimidating.

Why I want to write is somewhat more complicated. I love learning so signing up is a no-brainer, having the temerity to think I have something to add to the conversation is something else entirely. I’m not young, but not yet old, I’ve lived a great life, full of surprises and a whole lot of fun, dotted with horrors and lots of lessons learned. I don’t feel I have anyone’s answers but my own, but I do think I have something to add to the conversation.

20 things about me:  Pop culture junkie, computer geek, Linux fan, gamer girl, married, LGBTQ (when did we add a Q at the end of that?), music fiend, coffee lover, baker of yummy things, Gen-X’er, feminist, wage slave, Rubenesque, spiritual, tree-hugger, proud aunti, animal lover, political wonk, WordPress fangirl, ocean child.

26 thoughts on “First Day Introductions

  1. I as well despise having to “introduce myself”. It’s really not even an introduction, it’s a hurried verbal diarrhea of random factoids followed my a likely nervous laugh and a face so red It should be a new crayola color. I can public speak on ANY topic both calmly and confidently, unless that topic is about myself!

  2. I think you really do have it in you to be a writer, and I hope you keep up with the blog. Do post whenever you can, please don’t be lazy!
    I would love to read more of what you write.

  3. Ha! Good to read I’m not the only one to have problems with self-introduction.
    Learning is good. I like learning.

    You get high five for having a lot in common, especially the geek-Linux-LGBTQ and feminist. 😉 I had to check the Gen X, but looks like I fall into that too. 😀 Not sure what’s “political wonk” and “ocean child” but good for you, I think. 😉

  4. Thanks! a political wonk is someone who enjoys politics (as a cross between a sport and a soap opera). The ocean child was my way of saying I grew up at the beach and return as often as possible!

  5. Kelli,
    Great Blog Title and caption….If you read my introduction, I should really hate you because it seems like you are one of those naturally witty people and yes, I am a Witty Wannabe.

    Keep writing and let’s encourage each other to practice! Enjoyed your intro very much!


  6. absolutely! I think that should be how it works, you introduce yourself by bringing up a topic of interest to you and letting everyone else join in. I mean, that IS how you get to know people anyway right?

  7. Your intro is magic and your writing flows nicely. As for elevator introductions; whoever invented those deserves to be shot. Thanks for checking in at my blog.

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